Kathy White is a 45 year old  woman, happily married of 23 years with 2 grown successful children.

What she knows from her own life and choices is that change often brings a level of discomfort and that it takes courage to choose change, especially when it’s really big change.

Kathy is a certified  bars facilitator under a worldwide organization called Access Consciousness. This is the main body of energetic healing work she facilitates for her clients.

She comes from Midland, Texas and is happy to be welcomed with open arms to New Mexico.

Her current clients extend from northern New Mexico down through western Texas and she also works with people over the phone providing them clearings  and using the clearing statement of Access Consciousness. For exactly what that is please go to

It’s been a lifelong priority for Kathy to effect change in her own life as well as others and now she uses the Access Consciousness mantra daily stating:
All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory as well as having her bars run weekly at a Bar’s exchange class on Wednesday evening in her office in Santa Fe.

If you are looking for something really different that can affect this type of change in your life quickly and sometimes slowly,
she is more than happy to welcome you into her office for a consultation about what is possible and what can be done with your current situation that is troubling and that you’re ready to change.
The next step is she will invite you to have your bars run.
Access Consciousness “The Bars are 32 specific points on everyone’s head that when lightly touch release energy that are keeping the said limitations in place related to specific categories in one’s life.
Sometimes a client will feel like they had a soothing massage after their bars are run and sometimes great changes can occur that seemed impossible before having their bars run.
No two bar sessions will be the same for the same person or different people. Please note that there is no such magic bullet  and that truly all is possible if one chooses to have that point of view!

Book a session today and let’s get you on your way to a different possibility, one that might find you more joyful than you’ve ever been.  It’s truly possible. It’s happened to Kathy and she believes it can happen for you.

It’s simply a choice and Kathy will be there to facilitate whatever choices and possibilities you are willing and able to receive with kindness & potency.